Trade Show Design Firm in Singapore

Trade shows are exciting for all who attend. They are a fantastic chance to exhibit what makes your company special. Standing out from the crowd is hard when everyone is trying to outdo each other, but experts from Pentone313 use their finesse to find creative ways to engage with your target audience.

Trade Show Booth Design and Setup

In Singapore and around the world, trade show booths are about more than just putting up signs featuring your company name and a logo. They are events where you can reach out to a new audience and discover high-quality leads. An adept understanding of design and marketing principles is essential to make a trade show booth worth remembering.

When you work with Pentone313, you get access to professionals with experience across a variety of industries. Their expertise is used to formulate your trade show plan, along with booth design and setup. In Singapore and beyond, we want to see your trade show experience to bring tangible results to your business.

We create custom trade show displays and booths for each company we work with in Singapore and abroad. Whether they are used for just one show or many, our booths are portable and adaptable to many different spaces or purposes.

Personalised Service

Our contractors provide ongoing support from the design phase through to the trade show’s completion. Effective project management is crucial to seamless execution on the day of your company’s trade show. We intimately understand this and are proud to provide end-to-end project management with the utmost professionalism.

To see examples of our work, have a look at projects we have completed here. For any questions regarding our services, trade show booth design, contractors or anything else, go to our contact page. There, you can call our offices throughout multiple countries depending on your location, or fill out an online enquiry form.

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